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BriefingEdge schedules over 3,000 visits per month across 40+ programs in 17 countries.

BriefingEdge is the most comprehensive scheduling, tracking, and reporting system available for your briefing program. Plan, schedule, manage, report...relax.

Superior Feature Set

BriefingEdge boasts the most robust feature set of any visit management solution. The tools are continuously evolving to meet the needs of the World Class Briefing Programs that we help support.

Unrivaled Customization

Customize your BriefingEdge Solution to perfectly match your environment. Request forms, scheduling rules, email communications, Invitations, customer portal views… it’s all customizable and it’s all designed by you. 

Infinite Scalability

BriefingEdge is used to manage briefing programs of all sizes and complexity. It is designed to scale WITH your program. It doesn't matter if you have 1 center or are adding your 100th center, BriefingEdge has the solution for you and your team.

Superior Feature Set

BriefingEdge provides executive briefing programs an unprecedented level of control, combining the most comprehensive feature set with full administrative tools to control your own environment.

Designed by Our Users

The evolution of BriefingEdge is driven by its vibrant user community, a dedicated group of key briefing program leaders from around the world. Gain access to this incredible community when you start using BriefingEdge.

Constant Evolution

With four major updates per year, BriefingEdge is always responsive to the changing needs of the briefing community and works to anticipate future needs and trends.

You Are in Control

Full administrative tools give your team the ability to build and maintain your solution the way you want, when you want, so you never have to rely on others for assistance.

Centralized Managers' Dashboard

The Managers' dashboard is the central view for all visit managers and administrators. It provides a command view of upcoming visits and highlights any elements for upcoming sessions that may require attention. Check notes from the sales team, view update alerts, send invitations, and more, all from your personized dashboard.

On-site, Off-site, and Virtual Meetings

BriefingEdge has always managed on-site visits with ease - Including availability, room assignments, digital signage, catering and more - But the latest version of BriefingEdge is packed with new features so you can manage virtual, hybrid and off-site sessions with the same level of ease and control.

Customizable Calendars

Customizable calendars show everything from high level activity snapshots to specific room/time schedules. Each manager can personalize their calendars to include the information they care about and color code by their preferences.

Salesforce Integration

Allow your requesters to pull their Salesforce Accounts, Opportunities and Contacts directly into a BriefingEdge request. Requests can be initiated from within your Salesforce instance or from BriefingEdge directly.

BriefingEdge data is also sent up to Salesforce so your teams have visibility to all the magic that is going on in the Briefing Centers, and is included in SFDC reporting.
Powerful Report Building

Since the report builder allows you to construct reports with any data captured in your tool, including: accounts, opportunities, attendees, agendas, surveys and much more, the power is in your hands! Export data or charts into image files to build presentation decks, or create sharable live links to give stakeholders instant access to reports.

Personalized Customer Portal

Increase and improve interactions with your customers via the BriefingEdge Customer Portal. The 3-stage portal provides your customers with a different experience depending on when they access the portal - before the visit, the day of visit, or after the visit. Provide participants a preview of the agenda, directions to the center, and other valuable information leading up to the meeting - Final agendas, presenter bios, and live feedback forms on the day of the visit - Then follow up with additional content and survey after the visit takes place - all in the same portal.

Lobby and Room Signage

Welcome your customers into your center lobby or display real-time agendas inside your meeting rooms with BriefingEdge’s BE Live Digital Signage platform. Set-it-and-forget-it technology allows the images, videos, and content from your BriefingEdge calendar update automatically without any need for daily adjustments or setup.

Unrivaled Customization

Fine-tune all aspects of the process to meet the needs of your program.

Your Terminology

Use labels and descriptions that your team is already familiar with to smooth adoption and reduce training.

Your Rules

Set request form requirements, lead times, and access restrictions based on your existing policies to ensure consistency with current processes.

Your Branding

All customer-facing materials can be modified to follow your corporate branding for a seamless and professional look.

BriefingEdge is easily tailored to reflect your briefing program requirements and your company policies. It quickly takes on the look and feel of a custom application specifically developed for your team, without the time, money or hassle that usually comes along with a custom tool.

Types of Visits

Specify request forms, communications, scheduling rules and more based on the type of visit being requested.

Screen Text and Terminology

Use corporate standard labels, terminology and descriptions.

User-Definied Questions

Create any type of request form fields and questions to capture exactly the information you want, exactly the the way you want it.

Request Forms

Tailor request forms by visit type or location of visit - Customize screens, labels, fields, options etc…

Scheduling Rules

Enforce occupancy limitation, minimum lead-times, resource requirements and more, so that your BriefingEdge calendar shows a true view of availability.

Personal Calendar Synchronization

Invite participants to sessions directly from BriefingEdge using customizable templates. Need to reschedule? Cancel? Move things around last minute? No problem, BriefingEdge will automatically update participant invitations for you.

Feedback & Surveys

Gather feedback from both internal and customer participants via BriefingEdge surveys. Pre and Post Visit surveys are available with comparative reporting to drill down and show the impact of the briefing.


Whether you have 1 briefing center or are launching your 100th, BriefingEdge effortlessly scales to meet your needs wherever you are. You can start simple with all the tools you need to manage a world class briefing program, and grow the sophistication of your solution as your program evolves.

BriefingEdge easily accommodates programs of any size or complexity

Start Simple - Grow Rapidly!

Unlimited Users!

BriefingEdge does not charge per user. Create as many user accounts of whatever role you need.

Unlimited Visits!

Schedule and manage an unlimited number of visits. Regardless of whether they're in-person, virtual, off-site, or hybrid.

Unlimited Attendees!

Invite as many participants as you want to any number of visits… no fees for participants!

Add Sites Anytime!

If you need to add new sites (centers), you can set them up at any time, all on your own.

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BriefingEdge is the exclusive program management system used at the most technically advanced briefing centers throughout the world. These programs are diverse and highly customized but they share a common objective: to provide a world-class visit experience for their customers.

See why the world’s leading briefing programs choose BriefingEdge.

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